Your Feedback

Since the original 2008 Unit Titles Amendment Act was passed in 2009, there has been major Government activity with matters pertaining to Unit Titles legislation.  First was the 12-month review as promised, then there was the Unit Titles (Management) Act.

Some of the defects in the original 2009 legislation were obvious; some will impact much more heavily on  particular unit plans; some we have not even come across yet; some have been always with us but were not addressed at all by this latest version of the Act.  It was hoped the review would address many of these.  The OCN made a detailed submission to the review raising many of these matters. Feedback from you, our members, was a valuable contribution to this exercise.

The resultant Unit Titles (Management ) Act did indeed fix quite a few of the residual problems and is a vast improvement on the original.  But here are anomalies still, where the OCN is engaged in dialogue with the government to deal with them. And so we still need feedback from our members.

And there will always be situations developing on matters not previously considered. And remember, feedback can be positive as well as negative. So please let us know your thoughts and ideas - that is what the OCN is for, to share our experiences and problems.  And this website is the place to do it.

Lots of folk tell us they have problems. Some claim to have had  wins. Same response in both cases - tell us about it - click on the link to email the Website Editor.  Your email will be forwarded to the best person to help.  We may also publish your letter on the website (with your permission).