OCN Current Projects

There are many aspects of managing or living in a unit plan, and some are not very well dealt with in any legislation. Doubtless others will be identified as we go along, but thus far, the Executive Committee has identified several areas that may well be of interest to members. Carriage of the these projects has been assigned but all of the project groups are looking for the participation of any members who have time, interest, experience and expertise to contribute. Please contact the nominated group conveners. 

The Executive Committee has identified several projects that have been progressed and now been reported on under the “Unit Title (Management) Act in Practice” heading. Others are still active and some are still dormant yet deserve attention:   

Building Defects Campaign - very much an active and ongoing programme. 

Benchmarking for costs - listed but still dormant.

Unfair application of GST - listed but still dormant.

Individual Water Metering -  nearing completion, paper in preparation.

Solar Panel Installation and grid connection – some work started, but more needed.

Security Installations – a new project but not really started.