Members welcome

  • This page is for new  and recently-enrolled members of the Owners Corporation Network (ACT).  It also introduces a recent change to this site to reflect a  recent of policy whereby you now do not need an allocated username and password to gain access to any part of the site, and thus no need to log-in.

    But if you are a new member, we welcome you to the OCN and hope you wlll make full use of the site for interaction with the Committee and with other members.  We hope you will get involved and contribute to our projects and working groups as well as participate in our forums and general meetings.

    In removing our log-in process we have been careful not to leave certain elements, previously 'Members Only', on the public site.  Of principal concern is the Minutes of Executive Meetings and the Minutes of AGMs.  These will continue to be accessible  to Members  by means of an email to the Secretary (see under Contact Us)

    In the past we encouraged feedback by means of an on-line Forum.  Unfortunately, for whatever reason,  this seemed to provoke very little response, so that for the moment  we are shortly going to replace the Forum with an encouragement to provide feedback either by either of two means:

    Letters to the Editor
    .  Send by email to the Website Editor (see under Contact Us).  Letters may be published on the website  or may even be extracted to form the basis of a new article, all at the Editor's discretion. If you have comments about the website itself, use this method to convey your concern.

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  • An email to the Secretary (see under Contact Us)  who will pass it on to the Committee member best suited to respond.

We look forward to your continued interest in, and membership of, the Association. We also look to your help in expanding our membership – the more voices we speak for, the more notice will be taken of the interests and concerns of unit owners in the ACT. So talk to family, friends, associates, work colleagues and acquaintances who may live in townhouses or apartments and encourage them to join up.  Application forms are available for download from the 'About Us - Membership' section of this site.