The Owners Corporation Network (ACT) – OCN for short - is an association of unit owners and owners corporations (colloquially known as ‘body corporates’) that has been established to further the interests of persons living in medium density housing in the ACT, and to address their concerns as and when necessary.

All over Australia, more and more people are moving from traditional houses into medium-density accommodation, which may range from one of a few bungalows set in a communal garden to one of three hundred apartments in a 16-story tower.

People who have made this transition have left behind the problems of maintaining a house on its own block, but often find that their new lifestyle can have problems of its own.

Some problems arise from interpreting and applying the legislation, principally the Unit Titles (Management) Act, 2011. Others relate to the management practices within an individual corporation, while others still can be avoided simply by establishing good relations with the neighbours (who now live a good deal nearer than they used to!)

Unit owners and Owners’ Corporations are increasingly finding value in having an association which is specially established to help them avoid problems … and to help solve those problems that cannot be avoided.

The Owners Corporation Network (ACT) was established and specifically designed to meet those needs. It is a volunteer-run association registered under the Associations Incorporation Act, with an elected Executive Committee of seven. Its membership is open to individual unit owners and to Owners Corporations. Its membership fees are nominal, the potential benefits considerable.

Please note that the OCN's only clients are Unit Owners. It is not associated with or affiliated to any organisation representing real estate or property management interests.

Revised 14 May 2015