Separate Water Meters

can be installed, but it may require the unanimous concurrence of all owners.
A number of owners corporations are considering the installation of individual water meters. But there are prerequisites to action that seem not to be getting the attention they merit.
1. ACTEW WATER will install separate water meters, but only if each and every owner separately and severally has agreed:
  • To ACTEW WATER installing the meter;
  • To pay the cost of the water they use as an individual consumer; and
  • Not to do anything to prevent or impede the reading of the meter.
2. If even one owner refuses to give consent and sign the agreement, ACTEW WATER will not go ahead with the installation. This means that all OCs must give as much consideration to the decision making process and gaining the active support of all owners as it gives to the technical process of how the installation would be performed and any potential costs catered for in the corporation's budget.
In one case that has come to notice, an owners corporation validly resolved to expend funds on separate meters, but is frustrated by the refusal of one member to sign the ACTEW WATER agreement. The resultant dispute is before the ACAT, where the substantive issue is whether ACAT has the power to compel recalcitrant owners to sign the ACTEW Water agreement and if, when, and how it would use that power.
That matter is still being decided. A further hearing is currently scheduled for late February. An ACAT ruling could have significant implications for owners corporations which wish to install separate meters. We will report further when possible.

(Updated February 2015)