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Capital Tower Apartments, Acton

Joining the OCN is simple and the fees are modest.

You may join as

  • an individual member, who is an owner in good-standing in an owners corporation or

  • a corporate member where the whole of an owners corporation joins up, with a nominated member as the point of contact with the OCN.

Application forms (PDF) are available for downloading and

  • can be completed on-screen, saved,  and submitted as an email attachment, or

  • printed and filled in on-screen, or by hand and mailed.

Individual application form

Corporate application form

(If you require a PDF Adobe Acrobat Reader download it by clicking on the link.)

On-Line applications are available here

Online individual application form

Online corporate application form

Applicants for Individual Membership shall include a certification of ‘good standing’ by from either one member of the Executive Committee of the owners corporation of which the applicant is a member, or the appointed Manager of said owners corporation.

Our Rules of Association also permit individual applications to be proposed and seconded by two members of the Owners Corporation Network, who are personally known to the applicant. This is a little used option, but if you prefer it, please let the Membership Secretary know at treasurer@ocnact.org.au or via the mail address below.

Applications for Corporate Membership shall include certification by two members of the Executive Committee of the owners corporation and the nomination of the contact person authorized to represent that Corporation.

By making an application, all applicants are deemed to be authorising access by the OCN to the records of the applicantʹs owners corporation only to the extent necessary to verify the accuracy or completeness of the information provided by applicants.


Fees are due annually on 1 January.

Note that if you join for the first time between September and December, you get 3 months free and your membership is valid until 31 December of the following year.

  • Joining fee: $5.00 (once only)

  • Annual fee for Individual members: $20.00

  • Annual fee for Corporate members: $20.00 plus $2.00 per unit in the development

Fees may be paid by

  • Electronic Funds Transfer into the Network’s account at the National Australia Bank

Account Name Owners Corporations Network (ACT)

BSB 082-980

Account Number 829382063

  •  over-the-counter deposit to that bank account or
  • Cheque made out to Owners Corporations Network (ACT) and posted to

The Vice President and Membership Secretary

 Owners Corporation of the ACT

    15/81 Crozier Circuit

    Kambah, ACT, 2902

We regret that at this time, we cannot process credit card or BPay payments.

In all cases it is essential that the transaction identifies the name of the person making the deposit or the relevant Unit Plan Number for corporate applications.

Re-issued 31 October 2016

The Administrator,
21 Jan 2015, 13:36
The Administrator,
21 Jan 2015, 13:34