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Among our highest priorities are that firstly, our members be informed about the origins of the association, what it trying to do, and what is being achieved on their behalf, and that secondly, members have a forum for the exchange of information about issues of concern to them.

The executive committee meets at about monthly intervals, and the Annual General Meeting reports reflect the end of year situation with membership and finance as well as updates on progress being made by the committee in its various endeavours. In recent years we have complemented the AGM reports by publishing a series of Newsletters highlighting contemporary issues and progress being made towards their resolution.

In addition, we have adopted a practice of conducting, in parallel with the AGM, forums open to the public in which topics of current interest to unit owners and executive committees can be addressed. When possible, we arrange for these forums to be addressed by expert speakers in relevant fields. So far as is possible, the substance of these addresses is incorporated in our website papers [see Unit Titles (Management) Act in Practice], and where suitably documented, the records of the presentations can also be included here.

This section of the website is intended to preserve and provide access to the details and results of those activities.

Documents of interest: Follow the Links to Access

  • Public Meeting – 11 Oct 2008 – Agreed that OCN be established - Minutes 

  • Public Meeting 14 Mar 2009 - Adopted draft Constitution– Minutes

  • Special GM – 18 Nov 2009 - changed OCN Financial Year) - Minutes

  • AGM - 27 Mar 2010 – with Shane Rattenbury and Government officials attending discussions; – Minutes

  • AGM - 21 May 2011 - Minutes

  • AGM - 14 Apr 2012 - Minutes

  • AGM - 4 May 2013 - Minutes

  • News Letter – Issue 1 – May 2013

  • AGM – 3 May 2014 – Minutes

  • Newsletter – Issue 2 – May 2014

  • AGM – 19 June 2015 - Minutes
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